An Ignition Interlock Device (commonly known as a “blow and go”) is an instrument that is calibrated to detect the presence of alcohol on your breath. It is then hooked to your vehicle and you will be required to blow into the device prior to starting your vehicle. If the breath test result is above .025 you will not be able to start your vehicle. While you are driving you will also be required to blow into the device when prompted. The machine keeps a log indicating the breath test result of each blow and the time the test was completed. There is also a camera installed with the device that takes a picture of the driver while blowing.

The Ignition Interlock Device will have to be installed by an installer certified by the WSP. Some installers charge for installation and then charge a monthly fee for the device. Others charge only a monthly fee. The price will vary depending on your installer. Please feel free to contact Garza Defense PLLC for a list of approved IID installers in your area.