In order to be eligible to apply for an Ignition Interlock License you must:

1) Have been arrested or convicted for DUI, Physical Control of a Vehicle involving alcohol/drugs, Vehicular Assault involving alcohol/drugs, Vehicular Homicide involving alcohol/drugs, or Reckless Driving reduced from a DUI.

2) You must install and maintain a working Ignition Interlock Device on all vehicles you drive.

3) You must get proof of Financial Responsibility in the form of SR-22 Insurance.

4) Complete an Ignition Interlock Driver’s License Application.

5) Submit the Application to any DOL Office with the required fee of $100 (Cash, Check, or some credit cards)

6) Submit Proof of Ignition Interlock Installation and SR-22 along with Application (If not received within 30 days of application you will be denied)

If the DOL approves your application they will issue and send your IIL when your license suspension/revocation begins. This license will allow you to drive any vehicle equipped with an Ignition Interlock Device for the period of your suspension/revocation as long as you maintain SR 22 Insurance.