Alcohol and Drug Evaluation -

As part of almost any resolution of an alcohol or drug related driving offense the court will require an alcohol/drug evaluation with a State certified treatment agency. Feel free to contact Garza Defense PLLC for a list of recommended State certified agencies in your area. The court will then make compliance with the recommended treatment plan a condition of your probation. This means failure to comply with the recommended treatment plan constitutes a violation of probation and the judge can sentence you to jail or impose the suspended portion of any confinement or fine in your case.

Picking the right treatment agency is the first step in obtaining an accurate and fair evaluation. Garza Defense PLLC has relationships with various treatment agencies providing fair and accurate evaluations in your area. Contact Garza Defense PLLC to be connected with one of these agencies.

The evaluation itself is about an hour and a half long process. You will show up to the treatment agency at the scheduled time. The evaluator will interview you as to your previous alcohol/drug use and the effects this use has had on your life. The evaluator will use two different sets of diagnostic questions in order to determine the level of your addiction and dependency on alcohol/drugs. You will also have to take a urinalysis test to determine the presence of alcohol/drugs in your system.

The evaluator will use the answers you provide in your interview, the police reports related to your current offense, a record of your past criminal history, and the results of your urinalysis to determine the level of your addiction/dependency and the appropriate treatment program. The evaluator will then send a copy to your attorney. It is crucial that you inform the provider that you are only authorizing release of the evaluation to your attorney. This is to preserve your right and ability to get a second evaluation should you disagree with the results of the first.