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The scope of representation and costs, fees, and terms associated with

legal representation are governed solely by the fee agreement

between client and Garza Defense.

Your defense begins with contacting Garza Defense for a free and confidential evaluation of your case. Click here to schedule a free evaluation. As part of this evaluation I will inform you of the fee associated with your particular case. The exact fee for legal representation in your case will depend on various factors. The most important factors in determining the fee to be charged are the individual facts and circumstances of your case, the amount of time I will have to dedicate to defending you, and your prior criminal history. The individual facts and circumstances of your case will determine whether additional costs such as defense investigators, expert witnesses, or paralegals are necessary in your given case. In addition to quoting you a fee for legal representation, I always sit down with a client and discuss every possible cost that may be applicable in his/her case. I will outline the costs of pretrial representation, the trial fee associated with your case, and any additional costs I feel may be necessary to your defense.